Hi there, I’m Carla Ullrich. I'm a freelance full-stack web developer and I work with creative studios and digital agencies to build awesome websites.

Featured Projects

Planet Protector Academy Backbone JS // Drupal // Interactive

Developed online interactive learning framework for Dream Rider Theatre’s Planet Protector Academy program. This registration-required site is available to teachers in selected municipalities across British Columbia and Ontario. Project included a registration system, custom content management of curriculum assets,  javascript web application (game), and suite of  tools and reports for program administrators.

Project Management by Raised Eyebrow Web Studio
Design by Backyard Creative

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Backyard Creative Responsive // Wordpress

Custom WordPress theme with loads of bells and whistles. Worked with Backyard Creative early on in the design phase to build in several areas for interactivity and animation, resulting in an engaging user experience.

The back-end makes use of Custom Post Types to allow Backyard Creative to make quick and bullet-proof updates to their Portfolio.

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Carla has that rare ability among technical people to be able to explain things in an understandable way to the layperson, and always accounts for the business or end-user impacts of technical decisions.
—Mary Sturgeon, former Principal at Resilient Consulting Group
Carla became a member of our social media team and WOWed myself and the other members of my team with her intense web programming knowledge and effective use of a wide range of web tools.
—Charles Tremewen, former Director of Marketing at Spring Spring Coffee
Carla is delightful. I love her professionalism and practical sensibility. Her interactive and programming skills played an immense part in the success of Junxion’s online offering.
—David Kuefler, Junxion Strategy
Carla excels at problem solving, is an outstanding and skilled developer as well as being great to work with. She searches until she finds the best possible solution, understanding the problem and the implications beyond the immediate impact.
—Travis Junck, Trillion Industria Business Solutions
Carla is a rare breed of web programmers – very personable, highly skilled, reliable and easy to communicate with. She always has our clients best interests in mind – often going out of her way to do something right.
—Lisa Hemingway, Backyard Creative

Collaborative and ongoing relationships are what I'm all about. Get in touch if you'd like to work together.


What I bring to your project

  • Clear communication.

    When in the company of developers, I can talk the technical talk, but a clear strength is my ability to relate this information to you, my client, in a manner that’s easy to understand. What this does is save you time and money and helps to keep development to schedule.

  • I’m flexible and proficient

    15+ years of development experience translates into the ability to jump in with both feet and quickly become immersed and productive in just about any framework or system.

  • I provide sound, solid solutions.

    I won’t cut corners (aka hack or slash) a product just to get it out the door. Security, longevity and performance are of the utmost importance.

  • I mind the details.

    I have enormous respect for strong web design and typography. What this means to you, is that my work is clean, and accurately reflects your original design. PS – designers appreciate this, big time.

  • A co-operative spirit

    I understand my strengths, and know that certain things are best left to some of my trusted colleagues. They are: Content strategy and writing, Web design, Online marketing. Fortunately, I know great individuals who specialize in each of those areas so if you need a lead, don’t hesitate to ask!

What I do

  • WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Custom backend application development
  • Technical consulting
  • Information architecture and data modeling
  • E-Commerce Integrations
  • Email templates & campaign management


Some of my favourite clients include

Design studios

  • Backyard Creative
  • Raised Eyebrow
  • Canister Creative


  • Briteweb
  • Wallop Creative
  • Affinity Bridge

Other awesome folks
Sometimes I work directly companies on irresistible projects.

  • Salt Spring Coffee
  • Lifetime Daily
  • Decoda Literacy


A little bit about me

I am a freelance web developer and consultant with more than fifteen years experience in the software industry.

My background in software development gives me a definitive edge when it comes to designing robust technical solutions and developing custom modules and systems for the web.

Prior to striking out into the world of freelance, I worked with amazing companies building experience, an understanding of client needs and expertise along the way.

Curious? Visit my LinkedIn profile.

I hold an honours diploma in Computer Systems Technology from BCIT.


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