WordPress Maintenance Service

Focus on your business, not on maintaining your website.

WordPress Maintenance Service

Protect your investment

If thinking about backing up, securing, and updating your website is giving you anxiety, then the WordPress Maintenance Service can help free your mind (and let you sleep a little bit better at night).

It is important to keep your website and its plugins up to date in order to stay secure, and these updates should be applied as soon as possible in order to avoid any potential security risks once a vulnerability has been identified. With the WordPress Maintenance Service, updates are reviewed, applied and verified on your site within one week of becoming available.

You probably already know that your site should be backed up regularly, but did you know that it’s best to store those backups off-site, on a cloud server, in case anything catastrophic were to happen to your web server? We use Amazon S3 cloud storage, but can upload to an off-site server of your choice if desired.

In addition to updates and backups, the service also includes monthly security and performance checks, and disaster recovery in case the unspeakable happens (Ok, I’ll say it: even up-to-date sites sometimes get hacked).

$50/month, no contract

What's Included

Wordpress updates

Plugin updates

Off-site backups

Security checks

Performance checks

Monthly reports