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Vancouver Web Development & Consulting

I work with creative studios and agencies to build awesome digital solutions.


Web development and consulting for value-aligned organizations

As a front and backend developer, I love bringing sexy designs to life but also enjoy building elegant and robust backend solutions. These days, WordPress is my content management system of choice, but I can also build web applications or components from scratch using PHP/Javascript and am constantly keeping my skills sharp.

My BCIT education coupled with years of experience in the software industry (prior to getting into web development) gives me a definitive edge when it comes to designing robust technical solutions for the web.

And choosing to work with value-aligned agencies and studios is one way I can use my skills and experience to affect change and make a difference.


What I bring to your project

An analytical approach

Whether diving into project requirements, consulting on technical solutions, or talking about digital strategy, clients appreciate my deeply analytical approach to problem solving.

A modern toolbox

Responsive web development approaches and best practices are constantly evolving. I gravitate toward the latest in industry-standard tools and technologies in order to set my clients up with long-lasting and maintainable solutions.

Clear communication

When in the company of developers, I can talk the technical talk, but a clear strength is my ability to relate this information my clients in a manner that’s easy to understand. What this does is save time and money and helps to keep development on schedule.

Flexibility and proficiency

15+ years of development experience translates into the ability to jump in with both feet and quickly become immersed and productive in just about any framework or system.

Sound, solid solutions

I won’t cut corners (aka hack or slash) on a product just to get it out the door. Security, longevity and performance are of the utmost importance.

Ongoing support

Once a project goes live, that's not the end of the road! Websites require ongoing care and feeding post-launch, which is why I provide maintenance and support services to my clients so they can stay focused on their business.

Featured Work

I love what I do. Check out some of my featured projects.


SeaChoice is a science-based, solution-focused influencer, advocate and watchdog leading the next evolution of seafood sustainability in Canada.

Services: Discovery, Information Architecture, Technical Consulting, Custom Wordpress Plugin/Theme development, Content Migration

Client/Project Owner: Backyard Creative

Lifetime Daily

Lifetime Daily provides engaging, informative articles on health and wellness, medical trends, mental agility, eating well and enhanced lifestyles.

Services: Technical Consulting, Infrastructure Development, Custom Theme Development, Digital Bookstore Development, Integration with 3rd Party Content-editing tools, Integration with Social Marketing platforms and tools.

BC Cooperative Association

The BC Co-op Association (BCCA) champions the co-op business model in BC and supports the co-op movement globally as a member of the International Co-operative Alliance.

Services: Discovery, Technical Consulting, Custom Wordpress Theme Development, Content Migration from Drupal, Integration with MailChimp, Members Directory

Client/Project Owner: Backyard Creative

Salt Spring Coffee

Salt Spring Coffee is one of Canada’s largest and most respected organic macro-roasters. 100% of the coffee they purchase comes from small-scale suppliers and is certified organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS).

Services: Custom Wordpress Theme Development, E-Newsletter Template Development, Integration with Netsuite software to populate (legacy) e-commerce shop, Ongoing Maintenance and Consulting.

Designed by: Exhibit A Design Group

HR Metrics Service

HR Metrics Service is Canada's leading HR benchmarking service. They are a national service that shows the value of human resources by measuring and comparing the performance of organizations' human capital.

Services: Information Architecture, Custom Wordpress Development, Searchable Members Directory

Client/Designer: Backyard Creative


Just a few of the awesome clients I've had the honor of working with

Carla is a rare breed of web programmers - very personable, highly skilled, reliable and easy to communicate with. She always has our clients best interests in mind - often going out of her way to do something right.

Lisa Hemingway Owner, Backyard Creative

Carla is a very talented web developer. More importantly though, Carla is a service-minded web developer. She has the rare ability to look at development work from the client side of things, which in my mind is what sets her apart from her peers.

Liane Walker Writer. Editor. Content Strategist.

Carla has the ability to strategize, conceptualize and integrate numerous ideas and technical applications that made it easy for our visitors give us a 5-star rating. She is efficient, flexible and always willing to go that step ahead to suggest improvements and UX capabilities that made our customer's experience worthwhile.

Louisa Flinn Publisher & Co-founder, Lifetime Daily

I've worked with Carla for years and have never been let down on any of the projects we've done together. She is a fantastic communicator, and her responses to my questions and/or her recommendations are always straightforward, complete, and easy to understand.

Gyasi Bourne Principle, Canister Creative

[Carla's] programming skills are extremely solid, but her approach to working with a team and clients is outstanding. She always helps to set reasonable expectations, delivers on time and goes above and beyond. I have never been anything but thrilled with the work she's done and the process of working together.

Emira Mears CEO and Senior Strategist at Raised Eyebrow


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I live and work in Vancouver, BC.

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